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    Character Analysis:
  1. Reverend Samuel Parris
  2. Reverend John Hale
  3. John Proctor
  4. Elizabeth Proctor
  5. Abigial Williams

Leader of the girls

Character Profiles:

Abigail Williams

John and Abigial

B. Description:

C. Quote:

“[…] Let either of you breathe a word and I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you.”(20)

D. Explanation of Quote:

This shows her desperation and truly violent mind while she tries to control the mistake she’s made, but to control this mistake she must control those around her who know of it. No one would dare to expose her if they feared her so terribly, Abigail uses this to her advantage.

E. Symbol: Smoke F. Meaning: Smoke is Abigail Williams’s symbol because she is very deceiving as a person. Many people thought her to be an innocent victim of witchcraft’s torture, a mere god-fearing girl who is caught up in reporting the devil’s work.

But some people of Salem know her to be something else. John Proctor knows her as a determined deceitful woman who will do anything to get what she wants. Mary Williams knows her as the leader who has a hold on all of the girls. And Reverend Parris knows her as a thief who thinks nothing of stealing and ruining him. Smoke hides and distorts things, like Abigail liked and distorted the events and people of Salem.