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    Character Analysis:
  1. Reverend Samuel Parris
  2. Reverend John Hale
  3. John Proctor
  4. Elizabeth Proctor
  5. Abigial Williams


John VS Elizabeth

John VS Himself

Giles Cory VS the Court

Rev.Hale VS Guilt

Abigail Williams VS Elizabeth Proctor

John Proctor VS. Elizabeth Detail: Because of John's affair with Abigail Williams, Elizabeth no longer trusts John. Every time he is out for any length of time she worries that he is with Abigail. This angers John because he has confessed to his adultry and is now trying to make up for it and regain Elizabeth's trust.

John VS Himself Detail: John feels responsible for Elizabeth being condemned because of his affair with Abigail. He hates himself for it but still wants to do the right thing by saving his wife. He's at odds with himself wether to tell a lie to save himself or finally face the truth and die. He's also torn because he's given the chance to save his wife but in turn will have to sacrifice Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey.

Giles Cory VS the Court Detail: Trying desperately to prove vengence, Giles accuses Thomas Putnam of making his daughter cry witch craft so Putnam could aquire more land. when asked to provide the name of the man who heard Putnam talking about this, Giles Corey refused. He is charged with contempt of court but refuses to even take that charge. In the end he is pressed to death by the court in hopes that under torture he would give a name.

Rev.Hale VS Guilt Detail: Towards the end of the trials, Reverend Hale sees that he is a little more than a murderer by signing so many death warrants. His disgust of the court's unjust trials leads him to leave the panel of men. He return on his own to "Do the Devils Work" and make innocent people lie, something he knows he's probably condemned for. He's in conflict with himself and guilt because he feels a certain responsibility for saving the people he had condemned.

Abigail Williams VS Elizabeth Proctor Detail: It is no secret that Abigial Williams loves John Proctor. But he already has a wife, Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail is stunned when John chooses to stay with Elizabeth. Abigail takes on the task of getting Elizabeth out of her way by accusing Elizabeth of Voodoo witch craft, sticking a pin in her stomach using the poppet that Mary made for Elizabeth. But in the end John Proctor still stayed with Elizabeth and Abigial lost him.