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    Character Analysis:
  1. Reverend Samuel Parris
  2. Reverend John Hale
  3. John Proctor
  4. Elizabeth Proctor
  5. Abigial Williams

Historical Connections:

Spanish Inquisition, WWII Jewish Hollocaust, Japanese Internment Camps (WWII), 1950 Red Communist Scare, and Russian Programs (WWII)

The Spanish Inquisition Details:

In mideval times, Catholics were in total control of the Spanish government. They had no tollerance for non-Catholic religions, either you converted or you were dead. The main focus were heritics along with Jews who endured torture and deaths if they did not completely devote themselves to Catholisism.

The WWII Jewish Hollocaust Details:

During WWII, Jews were rouded up and put in concentration camps all across eastern Europe. Many faced horrors beyond the mind's ability to comprehend. They were systematically rounded up and many were killed. The Gestapo were sent out round up Jews or people with Jewish ancestry. These 'super' policemen were totally devoted to the Nazi way.

Japanese Internment Camps (WWII) Detail:

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, thousands of Japanese American's were rounded up and put in internment camps for the duration of WWII. The US govornment confiscated all properties, businesses, and personal belongings of the Japanese Americans. Then they were sent to extremely remote locations within the west coast. This was done because of the fear that Japanese support amoung Japanese American's could run rampant and start a conflict right on home soil.

1950 Red Communist Scare Detail:

Post WWII, the threat of Communisim in the US prompted a period of massive 'witch hunts' where anyone could be a suspect. Anyone was a traget of comunisim or being a comunist. The Mccarthy Trials was the focal point of this hysteria, Joeseph Mccarthy led these trials where in a period of one year, from 1953-1954, just under 400 Americans were interrogated for their involvment in Communist Activity.

Russian Programs Details:

During WWII, while the Russians were fighting the Germans, they were also fighting amoungst themselves. Within the country of Russia many were sceptical of German Sympathizers and Russian Loyalty. Anyone that wasn't a complete Stalin supporter was killed or sent to a secret concentration camp where they were never heard from again. Russian officers of the millitary and civilain/governmental intelectuals weren't trusted and often the target of persecution.