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    Character Analysis:
  1. Reverend Samuel Parris
  2. Reverend John Hale
  3. John Proctor
  4. Elizabeth Proctor
  5. Abigial Williams

Reverend Samuel Parris

Character Profiles:

Reverend Samuel Parris

What he stands for

B. Description:

C. Quote:

"There is either obedience or the church will burn like hell is burningĒ(30)

D. Explanation of Quote:

The people of the church already fear the devil, and to them the church is a sacred place. So if the church is invaded by hell, then it strikes fear, suspicion, and uncertainty into their hearts. His warning caused a wave of fear to spread like fire through the village.

E. Symbol: Golden Candle Sticks F. Meaning: It shows his need for vanity and total control, also his need to be the best because silver just isnít good enough for him. The gold candle sticks also symbolize the cause of his failure. By the end of the play he is broke and is a humbled weak man, because of his vanity, the prospect of being broke is a thought he cannot handle.