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    Character Analysis:
  1. Reverend Samuel Parris
  2. Reverend John Hale
  3. John Proctor
  4. Elizabeth Proctor
  5. Abigial Williams

John Proctor is a farmer

Character Profiles:

John Proctor

Proctor's Fate

B. Description:

C. Quote:

"I see the good in John Proctor. Not enough to weave a banner with, but white enough to keep it from the dogs!"(144)

D. Explanation of Quote:

Proctor finally realizes after he tares up his confession, that he is a good man and shouldn’t blacken his name with a lie. It is only after he sees the good in himself that he realizes that he can’t live a lie, so he must face the execution.

E. Symbol: A Light in Darkness F. Meaning: In the end of the play, Protor decides to hang for the truth, rather than lie and live. He says in the above quote that he sees some good in himself, and that good can be a light in the darkness, however small it is.